Quick Cabin

The ultimate in DIY shelter customization! Built to any size or shape. Just one person and one tool!

Quick Cabin – 10’x10’
The Quick Cabin is modular, lightweight, rugged, insulated, and easy to set up. It comes as a complete kit and the only tool required for set up is a screwdriver. The Quick Cabin components are UV-treated, making for a long-lasting shelter. The shape of the Quick Cabin’s walls creates a surprising amount of usable space without a large footprint. Each modular component is very lightweight, none exceeding 30 lbs, making it easy for anyone to be able to set it up.

Quick Cabin – Extension Kit
As many as two (2) extension kits may be added to the Quick Cabin. Each extension kit increases the length of the Quick Cabin by 2 panels. Each kit includes 4 wall panels, a roof extension, and an additional 14″ vent allowing for the 10’x10’ to be extended to 10’x13.5’ and 10’x17’.

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