Tail Feather Camper

Tail Feather Camper – 5’x8’ (OD size 4′,11″ x 8′,3″)
The Tail Feather Camper is a lightweight, modular shell that will adapt to many small utility trailers. Our camper weighs 425 lbs, which allows for it to be towed by many smaller vehicles. The shape of the camper provides a surprising amount of interior usable space as well as low wind resistance when traveling. A simple screwdriver is all that is required for assembly. The camper can be removed and function as a semi-permanent shelter, or disassembled and neatly stored away when not in use.

Tail Feather Camper – Extension Kit
The Extension Kit increases the length of the Tail Feather Camper by 1 panel. It includes 2 wall panels and a roof extension with an additional 14″ vent and costs just $799!

Order yours today!
Tail Feather Camper is available now! Prices start at $4999!

Price includes a 5’x8’ Tail Feather Camper shell, Dorr with screen door, one roof vent and 4 opening windows.  Send an email to info@quitelite.com to start the ordering process!

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